Capture Information

DocRecord captures information from across your organization seamlessly and lets you take control of your documents. Document imaging is made easy with Doc Record Imaging that captures scanned documents and uses OCR is to extract a copy of the text for indexing and storage. Improve image management with mark-up, annotation, and image enhancement. Doc Record manages information from a variety of sources across an organization?s network. Easily watch network folders, watch queues, and integrate with other enterprise applications. With Doc Record, it's even possible for users to drag-and-drop files from their desktop into the system.

Categorize and Index Information

Doc Record sorts files into categories based on the attributes of the documents. Doc Record users determine which attributes are important fields to set up indexes on for their documents. This is usually based on their business scenario and who will be using the system. Categories and indexes are completely customized and there is no limit on the number you can have in the system. These are important because they are the basis for searching for the documents after the files are committed to the system. O

Organize Information

Doc Record organizes files by presenting all documents in a series of folders. Documents can be grouped together in folders based on projects, work processes, or document type to streamline business processes. Users define folders that best fit their business operations and expedite document retrieval. A Work In Process area is another tool to help organize documents. This area is used to stage documents and assign them to the appropriate folders when they are first introduced into the Doc Record system.

Search and Retrieval

Doc Record offers multiple search options including keywords, index fields, and the folder tree. Searches can be run from a user?s desktop or submitted via the web interface. Users can even save frequent searches, so they don?t have to re-enter them each time they use the system. Doc Record retrieves documents at the click of a button. Users can review the document onscreen and then take the needed action such as printing, faxing, or emailing the document. Users even have the option to view over 200 file types in their native formats, which is helpful when they don't have the necessary software application for the file they are interested in viewing.

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