What Is Managed Print Services?

Do you know how much your company spends on your corporate printing environment - including equipment, service, consumables, parts, and man hours? This "spend" is typically fragmented and dispersed among multiple cost centers, so many companies find it difficult to identify and track. But studies show that this figure is typically around 2.9% of a company?s annual revenue. And up to 80% of these printing expenses may be invisible or uncontrolled. Managed Print Services (MPS) is all about the process of gaining control - control over printing costs, control over printing efficiencies, and control over printing management. An MPS system moves the corporate printing environment from a decentralized process to one of centralized management and control. Managed Print Services can reduce these corporate printing costs by as much as 40% by optimizing all aspects of corporate printing and bundling them into a single fixed payment. Costs for equipment, service, consumables, parts and management software for every printer at every facility are all analyzed, optimized and combined into a single bill that a company can manage, control, and budget.

Managed Print Choices From The Managed Print Experts

What makes General Data?s MPS different? To begin, we?re not a "one-solution-fits-all" offering. We understand that different companies have different needs, objectives and pain points. Our MPS services are flexible and can adapt to our customers current business processes and changing needs. Does your company need a "cost-per-page" plan that incorporates equipment and consumables costs, with separate billing programs for service? We can do that. Or a monthly pay plan that incorporates consumables and service only? No problem. And if you?re ready to look at a full MPS system that manages your entire corporate printing environment, we?re the best in the business. Why? General Data is a single-source vendor for the complete spectrum of managed print services. With many years experience and over 8,000 devices under contract, we are able to provide and control all components, including:

  • Laser, inkjet, line and thermal printers
  • Toner, ink and other consumables replenishment
  • Printer service
  • Printer parts
  • Printer fleet monitoring, usage analysis and reporting (using our ManagePrint software)
Our scalable end-to-end MPS solution enables us to align our offerings with our customers' business needs, and provides our customers with a single direct go-to source for every aspect of their corporate printing, start to finish.

Our MPS Process: Analyze - Optimize - Manage - Support

General Data utilizes a four step process to provide our customers with the optimal MPS system that best fits their business needs: 1. Analyze In this phase, we work closely with the customer to establish a baseline of their corporate printing needs, current usage and costs. This can involve mapping out a physical layout of all printers in all facilities, and installing our ManagePrint software to collect printer and user usage data. The software finds all IP-addressed printers and printers attached to networked computers and captures their printer ID, model and serial number. It then begins collecting data on page counts, consumable usage, energy usage, service calls, and downtime. 2. Optimize After a short period of time, we aggregate this data into a report that gives an overview of the current corporate printing environment and details the cost savings that would be associated with different levels of our Managed Print Service system implementation. We then assist the customer in deciding which Managed Print Services plan level and payment option would best fit their needs for cost reduction, level of service, printer optimization, and expenditure outlays. If necessary, existing printer assets can be re-deployed and aging printers can be replaced in order to optimize workflow efficiencies and costs. 3. Manage The ManagePrint software continuously monitors the customer?s printing environment, tracking per-page costs, supplies usage, maintenance issues and user behavior. Reports can be generated that allow the customer to identify areas that need attention or monitoring, and continuously control and fine-tune their printing environment. 4. Support The ManagePrint software also alerts us any time a printer in the customer?s monitored fleet runs low on consumables or requires service or maintenance attention. If the customer chooses, replenishment consumables are automatically shipped directly to the individual user at the facility where the printer resides, before it runs out. If the alert is a service-related issue, a General Data service technician can immediately respond, and provide phone support or on-site maintenance once the problem has been confirmed.

How To Get Started

There are many questions and things to consider when evaluating an MPS system and what impact it can have on your organization. We?re here to help. To begin, simply contact us with your questions or request for information, and a General Data managed print services adviser will be in touch with you to answer your questions.

To learn more, please contact us.